In Los Angeles, California, you will find more things to do than anywhere else in the world. You will find more restaurants, more clubs, and more festivities than in any other city. But you will also find countless amazing free activities that will make for a day well spent. Most people know about the famous beaches of Venice and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but less people know of the endless, free activities you will find off of Los Angeles’ beaten path.

Drive the Los Angeles Crest Highway

The beaches of Los Angeles are almost as famous as the traffic. The Pacific Coast Highway may make an appearance in countless songs, but the Crest Highway is the place to go for incredible views amidst NO traffic. This 66-mile jaunt takes you through the breathtaking mountain ranges surrounding Los Angeles. You will see amazing forests and breathtaking canyons, and the views of the entire city are not bad, either! The Highway runs from LA-Canada Flintridge to Wrightwood and it affords one of the most peaceful and beautiful activities in the whole city.

Stroll the Venice Canals

Los Angeles is one of the most accurate depictions of the concrete jungle you will find anywhere. But when you need a break from the endless streets and grids of the city, you can find it at the Venice Canals. You will feel as if you have been transported to Venice, Italy when you take a casual walk down the network of canals created just inland from Venice Beach. Gorgeous homes and endless tree canopies mark the borders of these canals, making for one of the most scenic and peaceful strolls you will find throughout your vacation in Los Angeles.

Check Out Watts Tower

Los Angeles is a hub of creativity and the arts. There are endless galleries and museums celebrating this, but you will not find a better example of it than you will at Watts Tower, just south of downtown Los Angeles. The structures stand just below the city’s height limit of 100 feet at 99 and 1/2 feet. They were made by a man named Simon Rodia in his backyard with only bottle and broken glass. Today, it is a place for people to gather and celebrate the more peculiar side of the arts in Los Angeles.

There are almost literally endless off the beaten path activities that you can enjoy throughout Los Angeles for free! For each item mentioned here, there are 1,000 more. The only way to truly experience the amazing activities that await you here is to travel to Los Angeles and see them for yourself!