The Los Angeles area is one that is flourishing with a number of incredible restaurants and dining experiences, and this is doubly true for the most important meal of the day: breakfast! With so many different options available, however, where can you possibly start in a city so big? Never fear, we’re here to help get you started! Here are our top three picks for the best breakfast restaurants in all of LA.


We start our tour of the best Los Angeles breakfast restaurants today… in France? Well, not exactly, but one of the very best breakfast hot spots in the entire city has its roots and takes its inspiration from delicious French cuisine! République is fairly new to the Los Angeles culinary scene (opened in December 2013), but has quickly been making waves with its incredible ingredients and flavors that make breakfast a can’t-miss meal. They offer a number of traditional favorites such as Belgian Waffles or Farmer’s Market Fruit, while also featuring a number of unique concoctions such Croque Madame or their Chorizo Sopes. République truly has something for everyone’s tastes, and we highly recommend visiting them to find out why Los Angeles Magazine voted them ‘Best New Restaurant’ in 2014!


Now from the fancy to the more simplistic and hearty, our next pick is Hash! Hash is a local restaurant that features a menu full of options that are sure to pack your stomach and get your gears moving for the rest of the day! You can either go simple and get classics such as buttermilk pancakes or French toast or go to the middle of the menu and pick from the many stars of the show, like the Killer Quesadilla, which is jam-packed with scrambled eggs, your choice of protein, cheddar cheese, avocado, onion jam, and roasted tomatoes! This is one meal that’s sure to stick to your ribs and power you through whatever challenges life has in store for you.


Last but not least is Pollen, the perfect restaurant to take that special someone if you’re trying to impress them for breakfast or brunch. Pollen features an upscale breakfast dining experience without breaking the wallet, and the food choices are absolutely incredible. Indulge in their Smoked Salmon Benedict or enjoy their delicious Lemon & Poppy Seed Pancakes served with blueberry jam and golden syrup. These are just a few of the options available; check them out and experiencing their entire menu for yourself!

Now that we’ve gotten you started on where to get breakfast, why not help you get started on something equally important: where to stay! Just like breakfast restaurants, there are so many different options available in Los Angeles, but if you want to make your next LA vacation unforgettable and truly feel like one of the movie stars, check out the luxury rental properties available now by the Luxury Rental Group! We have a number of incredible rental properties of all sizes available all throughout the Los Angeles area, so make sure to check us out today for your next LA stay!