LA County Fair

Fall is a great time to visit Los Angeles. During the summer, the city is full of people visiting, and the temperature often reaches triple digits. With fewer tourists and cooler weather, Los Angeles has many activities for you to enjoy, including hikes near the city and food and music festivals. If you are planning a trip to the area, here are some of the best things to do in Los Angeles during the Fall.

LA County Fair

The LA County Fair is a month-long event held in September. Every year, over half a million people visit the fair to enjoy outdoor concerts, carnival rides, great food, and games. The fair is fun for all ages, and some of its most popular attractions include the 5-acre animal farm and the Wacky Worm (a family-friendly roller coaster). Make sure to stop by the food booths, which serve fair classics with a weird twist, including a funnel cake burrito and an enchilada hot dog. If you want a break from the heat, the Shopping & Attractions area is air-conditioned, and vendors in this area display everything from hot tubs to cooking supplies. The fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesday, and ticket prices range from $8 – $20 per person, depending on what day of the week you visit.

Santa Monica Mountains

The Santa Monica Mountains are just north of downtown Los Angeles and are a beautiful place to hike during the fall. There are more than 500 miles of hiking trails that offer gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and landscape native to the area. The Backbone Trail is one of the most popular hikes and is one of the best-preserved examples of the Mediterranean habitat in the word. The trail is 65 miles in total, so you can decide how far in you want to hike, but the trail offers stunning views of the ocean, the Channel Islands, and downtown Los Angeles.

Día de Los Muertos

Each October on the last Friday and Saturday of the month, Hollywood Forever Cemetery celebrates Día de Los Muertos. The event includes alters honoring the dead, music, and cultural dances. There are also booths with food and arts and crafts available for purchase. Attendees to the event are encouraged to dress up.


The Oktoberfest at Alpine Village is one of the oldest in Southern California and the longest running Oktoberfest in Los Angeles. This nearly two-month-long party is held every Friday thru Sunday from the beginning of September to the end of October. The event features beer from Germany as well as local craft beers, German sausages and baked goods, and of course, singing and dancing.

Visit a Theme Park

Fall is the best time to visit one of L.A.’s famous theme parks. The weather is cooling down and the parks won’t be as busy, so you won’t have to wait in line as long. Some of Los Angeles’s most popular theme parks include Disneyland and Universal Studios.

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