sunset over cliff

Unlike the weather of the Midwest, nobody was ever dissuaded from taking a trip to Los Angeles due to the coming of winter. In fact, the winter has the potential to bring the best weather of the year to LA. As such, this is the perfect time to take advantage of endless outdoor activities that await you here. The following are three of the most fun winter activities in Los Angeles to enjoy in the outdoors.


With the bright lights of Hollywood, it is easy to forget about the natural wonders that surround Los Angeles. But the winter is the time to rediscover these wonders as you can expect the perfect weather for hiking in the winter in Los Angeles. Mount Baldy is the largest in this area and it provides for some of the most beautiful views and hiking experiences. Hiking to the top is something for the experienced hikers, but there are plenty of easier trails as well, so there is something for everyone.

Los Angeles Winter Surfing

The water gets a bit colder in the winter, so you might want to bring a wet suit, but you cannot beat the waves as they are some of the biggest and most consistent of the year, making for one of the best winter activities in Los Angeles. You can find so many amazing beaches for surfing throughout LA. For beginners, look to the calmer waves of Venice Beach, while the experienced surfers can find beautiful waves at the secluded Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Ice Skating

This list would not be complete without an activity that brings the nostalgic feeling of winter to Los Angeles. You can find plenty of awesome outdoor ice-skating rinks throughout the city. ICE at Santa Monica is a massive skating rink that sits only a few minutes from the ocean. If you want to skate underneath the twinkle of Los Angeles’ sky scrapers, then head to the Holiday Ice Rink in Pershing Square.

Find a Bit of Luxury

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