An aerial shot of Los Angeles in Winter, at night

In winter, the weather is colder. The leaves have fallen off the trees, and snowy, icy conditions are the norm for most of us throughout the United States. While a change in seasons does welcome new experiences, sometimes you can do without the reminder of the frigid temperatures, icy roadways, and shoveling of snow. If you are seeking a reprieve from winter, consider a visit to Los Angeles in Winter. The beauty of warm weather and sunshine is more accessible than you think.

Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to take a visit to someplace different. Celebrating the holiday season in Los Angeles affords you the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas season and to bring in the New Year in one of the most exciting cities in the country. All of Los Angeles gets in on the holiday cheer with several celebrations. Visit the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade where you get to see tons of festive performances that also include appearances by celebrities. Los Angeles County also holds the Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration, where you can enjoy a number of holiday-themed musicals and dances. You can also experience a traditional Christmas tree lighting at the Downtown Culver City Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. With a tree at 22-feet tall, this Christmas tree lighting experience is one you and your loved ones will remember fondly.

Enjoy Warm Weather During a Los Angeles Winter

A visit to California during the winter is a much-needed getaway for those residing in the colder portions of the country. Sometimes, you just need to go someplace warm and inviting, especially when the winter weather gets you down. Los Angeles offers plenty of warm weather. Temperatures can drop into the 70s in Los Angeles in winter, but this is still warm enough to enjoy a stroll along the beach. The water will likely be too cold to enjoy, but the “off-season” means more space at the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Head to the Hills

Even in Los Angeles, you can enjoy hiking but without the frigid temperatures. Head on up the legendary “hills” and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Since it is winter time, you are less likely to encounter a crowd. This means more time to really enjoy the experience of hiking up the hills and capturing the view of Los Angeles.

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