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3 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles in Winter

In winter, the weather is colder. The leaves have fallen off the trees, and snowy, icy conditions are the norm for most of us throughout the United States. While a change in seasons does welcome new experiences, sometimes you can do without the reminder of the frigid temperatures, icy roadways, and shoveling of snow. If you are seeking a reprieve from winter, consider a visit to Los Angeles in Winter. The beauty of warm weather and sunshine is more accessible than you think.

Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to take a visit to someplace different. Celebrating the holiday season in Los Angeles affords you the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas season and to bring in the New Year in one of the most exciting cities in the country. All of Los Angeles gets in on the holiday cheer with several celebrations. Visit the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade where you get to see tons of festive performances that also include appearances by celebrities. Los Angeles County also holds the Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration, where you can enjoy a number of holiday-themed musicals and dances. You can also experience a traditional Christmas tree lighting at the Downtown Culver City Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. With a tree at 22-feet tall, this Christmas tree lighting experience is one you and your loved ones will remember fondly.

Enjoy Warm Weather During a Los Angeles Winter

A visit to California during the winter is a much-needed getaway for those residing in the colder portions of the country. Sometimes, you just need to go someplace warm and inviting, especially when the winter weather gets you down. Los Angeles offers plenty of warm weather. Temperatures can drop into the 70s in Los Angeles in winter, but this is still warm enough to enjoy a stroll along the beach. The water will likely be too cold to enjoy, but the “off-season” means more space at the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Head to the Hills

Even in Los Angeles, you can enjoy hiking but without the frigid temperatures. Head on up the legendary “hills” and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Since it is winter time, you are less likely to encounter a crowd. This means more time to really enjoy the experience of hiking up the hills and capturing the view of Los Angeles.

If you are ready to plan your wintertime trip to Los Angeles, let Luxury Rental Group help. We have an assortment of beautiful luxury accommodations to suit your preferences. For more information on how we can help you plan your visit to Los Angeles, contact us directly at (310) 564-2800 or browse our rental listings online today!

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The Most Beautiful Parks in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is known for many things, but did you know that Los Angeles is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the nation? If you are a nature lover, or simply someone that is looking to explore the “natural” side of Los Angeles, consider visiting one of the many parks throughout the city. The following are several must-visit parks in Los Angeles.

Runyon Canyon Park

Come enjoy Runyon Canyon Park, one of the most popular parks in Los Angeles. Located on the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, once you experience this park, you’ll see why it is so popular. This park boasts 160 acres of land that includes several trails. There are five entrances to Runyon Canyon, one of which is located in Hollywood.

If you are looking to experience nature at its finest, check out The Upper Canyon Trail. This trail is the perfect place to view an assortment of wildlife such as birds, lizards, and even coyotes. You can also enjoy a hike to the highest point in the park at Indian Rock. There is a dedicated children’s play area as well. Because of the limited parking and popularity of this park, it’s best to come early if you are planning a visit.

Grand Park

Described as “The Park for Everyone,” Grand Park mixes the beauty of nature with all the conveniences of the city. Located in the Civic Center, Grand Park is centrally located and easily accessible by several modes of public transportation. The park is adorned with lush greenery throughout as well as within the community terrace and abundant seating for taking in all the sights or enjoying a beverage from the nearby Starbucks. There is an historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain and a water play area where you and the kids can cool down. Grand Park contains a number of monuments, such as the Christopher Columbus and George Washington statues as well as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. If you are planning a visit, make sure to check out the upcoming events, as Grand Park continually hosts events for the public.

Elysian Park

As the oldest and the second largest park in Los Angeles, Elysian Park is a gem. One of the most charming features of this park is the “secret swing” located at the top of a slope known as “Angel’s Hill” that affords you a majestic sight of downtown Los Angeles. Take a walk on the unbeaten, natural path of Los Angeles by enjoying a walk or hike through the green fields and dusty trails lined with eucalyptus. Take a walk over to the Elysian Park Bridge and enjoy the sound of the bubbling stream below. With ample free parking and its close proximity to Dodger Stadium, Elysian Park is a natural respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When it comes time to plan your next trip to Los Angeles, let Luxury Rental Group find the perfect rental for you. While vacationing in Los Angeles, you deserve to lounge in luxury, and we can help make that possible. We have an assortment of vacation rentals throughout Los Angeles to cater to you every need. Contact us directly at (310) 564-2800 to book your luxurious Los Angeles vacation rental today.

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Three Fun Winter Activities in Los Angeles to Enjoy Outdoors

Unlike the weather of the Midwest, nobody was ever dissuaded from taking a trip to Los Angeles due to the coming of winter. In fact, the winter has the potential to bring the best weather of the year to LA. As such, this is the perfect time to take advantage of endless outdoor activities that await you here. The following are three of the most fun winter activities in Los Angeles to enjoy in the outdoors.


With the bright lights of Hollywood, it is easy to forget about the natural wonders that surround Los Angeles. But the winter is the time to rediscover these wonders as you can expect the perfect weather for hiking in the winter in Los Angeles. Mount Baldy is the largest in this area and it provides for some of the most beautiful views and hiking experiences. Hiking to the top is something for the experienced hikers, but there are plenty of easier trails as well, so there is something for everyone.

Los Angeles Winter Surfing

The water gets a bit colder in the winter, so you might want to bring a wet suit, but you cannot beat the waves as they are some of the biggest and most consistent of the year, making for one of the best winter activities in Los Angeles. You can find so many amazing beaches for surfing throughout LA. For beginners, look to the calmer waves of Venice Beach, while the experienced surfers can find beautiful waves at the secluded Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Ice Skating

This list would not be complete without an activity that brings the nostalgic feeling of winter to Los Angeles. You can find plenty of awesome outdoor ice-skating rinks throughout the city. ICE at Santa Monica is a massive skating rink that sits only a few minutes from the ocean. If you want to skate underneath the twinkle of Los Angeles’ sky scrapers, then head to the Holiday Ice Rink in Pershing Square.

Find a Bit of Luxury

Whether you are always looking to live the life of luxury or you save it for special occasions, Los Angeles is the place to find it. Especially with the incredible vacation rentals provided by Luxury Rental Group. For visitors, we have collected nothing but the most beautiful homes that the city has to offer, and that is saying something. You can find beauty in both the design of any given home as well as in its appointments. Modern homes featuring amazing design let the beauty of the surroundings in with massive windows and feature their own beauty within with high end furniture, fine floors, gourmet kitchens, and so much more. For the best home away from home imaginable in Los Angeles, contact us today!

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Best Activities for Keeping Cool in Los Angeles

Though it may be hard to believe, there are days here in Los Angeles when the mercury rises and you want to find unique ways to beat the heat! Here are a few different ways to help keep cool on your next LA vacation:

Raging Waters Los Angeles

There are few better ways to escape the heat and keep cool during the summertime than by visiting a great waterpark, and luckily for you, Los Angeles is home to California’s largest waterpark: Raging Waters! Spanning 60 acres, Raging Waters Los Angeles has been featured by the USA as a “Top 10 Water Park” and is home to 50+ attractions, water slides, and rides! If there’s one ride you need to see it has to be the Aqua Rocket, the only hydro-magnetic water roller coaster in all of California! This ride is for four people on a raft and will take you on a high octane ride with speeds of up to 30 miles an hour! There are few better ways in all of LA to help keep the whole family cool than with a trip to Raging Waters.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Want an opportunity to get up and close with Hollywood’s elite, both past and present? Well… maybe not the real Hollywood elite, but these statues look so real you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference! Madame Tussauds Hollywood is the world famous wax and Hollywood history museum that every person who visits Tinsel Town needs to experience! Check out some of the most incredible works from Hollywood’s past such as James Dean and Bob Hope, all the way up to today’s icons such as the Avengers! Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a must-visit attraction, and at the same time a perfect way to help keep cool while in LA.

California Science Center

If you’re looking for something that will help you keep cool while being fun for the entire family, then make sure to check out the California Science Center! The California Science Center features a number of incredible exhibits that help show the wonders of science, such as viewing the treasures of King Tut or the science behind the Gemini 11 capsule that took humans to space in 1966! There are so many things to explore and do, you may even need more than a single day to see it all!

While it may be hard to decide on how to spend your time in Los Angeles with so many great options, make sure to make the easy choice for your next stay: reserve a spot to stay with Luxury Rental Group, the premier rental property company in all of Los Angeles! Luxury Rental Group has a number of amazing rental properties all throughout the city, and our dedicated team is ready to help you find the one that’ll be perfect for you. So don’t wait – contact us with any questions or to make your reservation today!

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5 Summer Events in Los Angeles Not to Miss

You cannot go wrong with a trip to Los Angeles regardless of the time of year. This is due to consistent weather and consistent fun around every corner. But when the summer comes around, this city really comes to life. You can find the evidence of this throughout the city, but nowhere more so than countless special events. The following are five summer events in  Los Angeles that you will not want to miss.

Street Food Cinema

This event takes place in different places throughout the city like Crystal Springs Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park every Saturday between April and October. The main event is a screening of numerous popular movies, but visitors also get to enjoy beautiful summer evenings in Los Angeles with music from great bands and food from some of the best food trucks in the city.

L.A. Food Fest

This is one of the greatest events in the entire world for all those who love food. This event is taking place on the third Sunday of June, July, and August at Civic Center Studios in the downtown area. The focus here is of course the food. Attendees get to choose between endless samples provided by hot spots all over town and can get full meals as well. There will also be amazing shopping opportunities and to see some unique Los Angeles art.

Arroyo Seco Weekend

This is a must-attend summer event in Los Angeles for anyone who like rock ‘n roll because this music fest is rolling out some classic acts like Neil Young, Robert Plant, Jack White, Kings of Leon and so many more. Along with this incredible music comes amazing food, arts, and community. Find it directly next to the Rose Bowl at Brookside Golf Club during the weekend of June 23rd through the 24th.

International Surf Festival

If you find yourself in Los Angeles from August 1st through the 5th, it is almost an obligation to go to the International Surf Festival in Redondo Beach. There is no event that provides a better glimpse into the unique culture of this city. Here, you can enjoy amazing surfing, food, live entertainment, and so much more, but when it comes down to it, this is just one heck of a party!

Los Angeles County Fair

Past fair-going experiences do not provide an idea of what this event is like because this one is bigger and better than any you will find throughout the country. It is complete with more rides, more food, more games, more entertainment, and more community than any fair you have ever attended. You must check it out if you are going to be in town between August 31st and September 23rd! This is one of the best ways to spend a day with the entire family!

Wonderful Vacation Accommodations for Enjoying Summer Events in Los Angeles

Regardless of the time of year, you can be sure that you will find amazing vacation rentals that are waiting for you and your group. You can find exquisite mansions that are fit for the stars along with more quaint homes that provide a cozy place to stay. If you are looking to stay in Los Angeles in style, then look no further than the Luxury Rental Group. We pride ourselves on providing the most luxurious vacation rentals that the city has to offer. See for yourself at!

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Los Angeles Spring Festivals

It’s always a wonderful time of year in Los Angeles, thanks to perfect weather and an incredibly diverse lineup of activities, concerts, festivals, and culinary experiences. Before the blazing heat of summer, we love enjoying the fabulous outdoor events across southern California, and we think you will agree your luxury rental makes for the perfect home base when it comes to exploring all the area and the season have to offer.

The Great Outdoors

Springtime is ushered in by the blossoms of the new year, and there are plenty of festivals to celebrate Mother Nature’s rejuvenation in and around L.A. The Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off the season in March, with origami demonstrations and flower-arranging workshops throughout the month ($4-$9). Celebrate Japanese culture and witness the trees blossom in vibrant shades of pink throughout the beautiful Descanso Gardens.

Also marking the beginning of spring, The Festival of Whales (March 3-11) marks the migration of the gray whales along the California coast and has two weekends full of events at Dana Point and along the coast. A full listing of events can be found here. In a similar vein, L.A. Nature Fest celebrates the unique wildlife that call the city home and features garden tours, bird watching, and nature walks at the Natural History Museum (March 17-18)

As summer approaches, indulge your green thumb at one of the myriad farmer’s markets or check out the strawberry festivals: the 35th annual California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard (May 19-20) or the 3rd annual Balboa Strawberry Festival in Encino (June 10). Both feature family activities, rides, carnival booths, and plenty of berry-themed food and dessert. Check out the arts and crafts and feast on the sweet berries grown right here in southern California.

Fun in the Sun

The ultimate experience in art, music, and culture, the Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival runs for two weekends in the desert outside of Indio, California (east of L.A.). Party in the desert and soak up the scenery and the incredible music lineup featuring Beyoncé, Eminem, A Perfect Circle, The Weeknd, HAIM, Cardi B, and many, many more. The schedules are identical for each weekend (April 13-15, 20-22) and tickets and information – including camping and travel packages – can be found on the official website.

A Book Most Fair

For the literature lover, you won’t want to miss the Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books, April 21-22. Held at USC and free to all, the festival brings together authors, publishers, and reading enthusiasts. It is highlighted by book fairs, fabulous food options, and the chance to sit in on intimate conversations with some of your favorite authors. Check the festival website for more information!

Cultural Exploration

There is never a shortage of exciting festivals and cultural events around the city. Whether you want to try your luck at the Arcade Expo’s three-day pinball tournament (March 16-18); plaster friends and strangers in technicolor powders in celebration of Holi (the Hindu “festival of love”) at the L.A. Festival of Colors (March 10-11); or revel in the colorful and festive culture of Mexico at Fiesta Broadway, the largest Latin cultural festival in the country (April 29), there is always something exciting to try. Here at the Luxury Rental Group we know your exclusive vacation rental is just the beginning of your exciting stay in our vibrant city, and we invite you to make the most of the diversity the L.A.-area has to offer!

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Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, you will find the widest range of opportunities. You can find the endless activities that come with Hollywood and other happening cities, but you can also find endless ways to spend a day outside. A beautiful area and even more beautiful weather make this one of the best places to get outdoors, and one of the best times to do this is during the spring. The following are the top five spring outdoor activities in Los Angeles.

Check Out the World-Famous Beaches

Visiting one of Los Angeles’ countless, amazing beaches is never a bad idea, regardless of the season. But during the spring, consistently sunny weather comes together with cool Pacific Ocean water to make for one of the best swimming and relaxation experiences you have ever had. But many of these iconic beaches offer much more than that, as the boardwalks and neighborhoods surrounding these beaches offer endless things to see and do.

Visit Disneyland

You might be saying, “Hey, there are some indoor areas at Disneyland.” You’ve got us there, but walking around this amazing place is never so pleasant as it is in the gorgeous weather of spring. You can also avoid some of the crazy summer crowds during this time. You will find that a spring Disneyland vacation does in fact live up to the “Happiest Place on Earth” designation.

See Captivating Wildlife

There are endless avenues you can pursue if you are trying to see amazing wildlife in the Los Angeles area. But the spring affords the once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing a whale migration. During this time, gray whales and their babies are migrating throughout these waters. You can see these majestic animals from the shore or book a whale watching excursion via boat for one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have.

Hike Mount Baldy

This is the tallest peak in the Los Angeles area. Because of this and the lack of trees on the mountain, the summit of this peak provides some of the most amazing views you will ever see. Mount Baldy stands 10,064 feet in the air, providing views from downtown L.A. to Catalina Island. Spring affords the first opportunities to reach the top, as the snows of winter begin to melt and expose the trails.

Go Fishing

You can find ample opportunity to fish throughout the entire year in Los Angeles, whether you are casting a line right off the pier or going deep sea fishing. But spring brings the coziest conditions for fishing because of the weather, along with great fishing opportunities because of the sheer amount of fish that are biting. You can find abundant yellowtail, sculpin, mackerel, and so many more species of fish.

These may be some of the top outdoor activities in Los Angeles this spring, but this list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the breadth of opportunities you have here. Regardless of your interests, you are sure to find something to satisfy them in Los Angeles this spring. Get out here and stay in one of our LA short-term rentals to discover what you love about Los Angeles!

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Malibu – 5 Reasons to Visit This Beautiful City

If you are looking for a vacation of relaxation and luxury, then Malibu could be the perfect place to visit. Firstly, it sits on a gorgeous area among hills that meet the Pacific Ocean. But the community is a big part of what makes this such a special place with so many attractions. Here are five of the top reasons you will love your time spent visiting Malibu.

Amazing Beaches

In Malibu, you can find miles and miles of the most pristine beaches in all of California. There are many beaches here, but some of the most popular are the Malibu Surfrider Beach, Big Rock Beach, and Dan Blocker County Beach. Malibu Surfrider Beach is very popular and is perfect for surfing. Big Rock Beach is where you can see some of the most stunning coastal features that the area provides. Dan Blocker County Beach is perfect for laying a towel down and enjoying a sunny Malibu day.

Wonderful Wine Country

Malibu is home to countless wine enthusiasts, largely due to the fact that the city is home to many amazing and unique vineyards and wineries. You can find endless options when choosing where to explore, but one of the best experiences awaits you at Rosenthal Malibu Estate Wines. This is one of the few places in the world where the tasting room is right on the beach. Here, you can enjoy great deals, live music, and of course, delicious wines.

Amazing Real Estate

Almost as potent as the natural beauty in Malibu is the one of a kind real estate throughout these hills and beaches. You will find some of the most beautiful houses in the world here. Many of these amazing homes are available for rent for your vacation. You can be sure each home will provide all of the comforts of home, along with luxurious amenities that you will only find in the finest resorts.

Awesome Hiking

The 21 miles of coastline here is wonderful, but there are also plenty of other types of landscapes. The best way to explore these is by doing some hiking. You will find hiking trails of all difficulty levels that show you a unique part of what makes this place so beautiful. Topanga State Park is one of the best places to hike if you want to see beautiful canyons and forests.

A Bustling Culinary Scene

What would a vacation destination be without plenty of amazing options for food? You do not have to worry about that in Malibu, as you will find unique eateries around every corner. You can find the picturesque seafood shacks, farm-to-table joints, classy steakhouses, and much more. There is something for every taste and every occasion here.

Malibu is famous for the beaches and the incredible houses, but there really is so much more to fall in love with here. Once you take one trip to this beautiful city and stay in one of our luxury vacation rentals, you will want to make it an annual tradition.

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Things to Do for the New Year in Los Angeles

The new year has come, and along with it comes new hopes, dreams, and resolutions—hopefully ones that you will keep! If you’ve resolved to have more fun this year, why not start 2018 off right with a visit to Los Angeles? The City of Angels is full of excitement year-round, and there’s no better way to kick off your year than a well-deserved vacation to shake off the stress of the holidays.

CHILL at the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has become much more than just a ship; nowadays, the Queen Mary offers a variety of exciting activities for you to enjoy. Until January 7th, you can visit CHILL: Ice Adventure Park and take part in outdoor ice skating, bumper boats, or ice tubing down the 145ft Matterhorn Mountain slide! Other activities include the Alpine Zip Line, ice shuffleboard, live music, and much more.

New Year’s Race

Want to get a head start on your resolution to work out more? Participate in the 2018 New Year’s Race in Los Angeles, held on January 7th. The event consists of two races—a 5K and a 10K—with a special challenge for the ultimate competitors. The 9.3 Challenge entry gets you entry into both races and is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not that fit yet, no worries, as there will be food trucks, music and art exhibits, and a beer garden, all of which open up at 3PM. The 5K starts at 5PM, and the 10K starts at 6:30PM (only for those doing the 9.3 Challenge).

Do LA Things

There are plenty of things to love about Los Angeles around New Year’s apart from the glittering parties and incredible celebrations, as the city offers endless ways to have a memorable day. Of course, the beach and all of the opportunities that come with are a good place to start, as Los Angeles is home to some of the most famous beaches in the world. You can also explore the studios of Hollywood, spend the day at Disneyland, and do so much more. You can do all of this in the most perfect weather you could imagine.

If you want to get 2018 off to the very best start imaginable, you should consider doing it in Los Angeles. When it comes down to it, Los Angeles is simply one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Start 2018 in style with a trip to Los Angeles, and you are sure to remember it forever.

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The Top Christmas Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles doesn’t fit the usual Christmas picture celebrated by Rockwell paintings, but that doesn’t mean we’re not full of holiday cheer! From light shows to snow tubing, the City of Angels has plenty of ways to get you in the holiday spirit. Take a break from shopping and the holiday parties to have fun the LA way!

L. A. Zoo Lights

Zoo Lights is one of the most popular ways for zoos to get into the holiday spirits! Los Angeles Zoo endeavors each year to make a name for itself in the zoo world with its astounding displays. Already underway and continuing through Sunday, January 7th, Zoo Lights fills the Los Angeles Zoo with animal-themed displays and aesthetic wonders. Animated animals made of Christmas lights run and play, while the visitors are guided through the zoo by lit-up trees and hanging lights. Tickets can run from $10 to $21.

Snow Los Angeles

Not all of us have the time for a trip to Big Bear or Truckee, so Snow Los Angeles may be your best bet for enjoying snow while you’re still in the city. Elysian Park, over by Dodger Stadium, is going to be loading up with 10,000 square feet of synthetic snow! It’s not quite the lacy powder you’re dreaming of, but it’s good enough for snowballs and snow tubing, both of which you can enjoy the entire weekend of the 15th.

Santa Monica Pub Crawl

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea—but it’s lots of people’s glass of beer! The Santa Monica Pub Crawl is more than its name implies. While it certainly is an organized route of bar-hopping around one of LA’s most celebrated districts, the Santa Monica Pub Crawl benefits a worthy cause—the $20 admittance fee helps the Westside Food Bank support families this holiday season. So raise your glass to good cheer this holiday season and enjoy some of the best food and drink specials that the popular participating restaurants offer. Holiday-themed apparel is always welcome! It’s happening Saturday the 16th.


Treat yourself this holiday by staying in Los Angeles in a luxurious rental property. If your usual holiday feels too routine, there’s nothing like a vacation to spice it up! As we declare, luxury is always in season! Call us at 800-712-2800 to learn how you can enjoy a gorgeous place of your own in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and other fine neighborhoods this winter.

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