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Luxury Rental Group Estates

Why Choose Luxury Rental Group for Property Management

There is no shortage of amazing vacation rentals in the Los Angeles area. That is why vacation rental home owners need to find ways to set themselves apart from the other options out there. Well, this has never been a simpler task, as it begins and ends with a call to us at Luxury Rental Group. We manage a wide array of amazing homes throughout the area, but each owner can attest to the attention to detail and care that we provide for each property.

Amazing Results for Our Owners

Every single year that we have been in business, we have enjoyed tremendous growth. With our growth comes the growth in the profitability of your vacation property. Currently, we complete over $5 million worth of bookings in the Los Angeles area in a single year. Over 39% of this revenue comes from repeat business. The fact that visitors keep coming back to properties that we manage is a true testament to the convenient and luxurious experience that we provide each and every guest. 61% new business also shows that we are experiencing tremendous growth.

Taking Care of Your Home

For us, it all starts with managing the very best homes that we find. We have established an incredible portfolio of properties and we would love for yours to become a part of it. In doing so, we have established a certain prestige that goes along with the Luxury Rental Group. Once your home is a part of our portfolio, you can be sure it will always look its best and be ready for guests. From the aesthetic appeal of the exterior and interior to upkeep of essential home appliances. We employ the best and most trusted services for every aspect of your home’s maintenance.

Marketing Your Home

When you are talking about vacation rentals in Los Angeles, there is literally no limit to the market you are trying to reach. That is why we use smart marketing and over 150 of the most cutting-edge distribution systems to market your home at every corner of the globe. Our main tool for marketing your property is our top of the line website that already represents an efficient marketing channel to the types of people that would stay in your home. The importance of this is established online marketing presence cannot be overstated.

Regardless of if you want to rent out your home year-round or simply during periods when you are not occupying it, the only way to get the most out of your investment is by employing us at Luxury Rental Group to manage your property.

luxurious house with large pool and outdoor space
Luxury Rental Group Estates

Beverly Hills Luxury Estate Home Spotlight

You will find many opportunities throughout the Los Angeles area, but none more widespread than to live in luxury. This Beverly Hills Luxury Estate embodies the life of luxury in every way. Beautiful design and appointments coupled with a beautiful location make for one of the most pampering experiences you are likely to ever have.

Inside Beverly Hills Luxury Estate

Throughout this home, you will find nearly 7,000 square feet of comfort, beauty, and convenience: beauty from the modern design of every room in the house; comfort from the endless living spaces and furnishing, and of course, the elegant bedrooms; convenience from the work of art that is the kitchen, stocked with state of the art appliances and endless granite countertops. The long island in the kitchen connects two spacious living rooms with flat screen TVs and a fireplace in one.

You will find the best start to your day imaginable in any of the 6 bedrooms, which are luxuriously appointed, so the only thing better than how beautiful they are is how comfortable they are. Any one of the 8 bathrooms are exquisite, especially the master, which feels more like a spa than anything else.

We are not sure what is more breathtaking: the interior of this home or the exterior. At any rate, you can enjoy them both simultaneously thanks to mahogany bi-fold windows that open an entire wall to the outdoors. Some of your favorite places to kick back and relax will be the salt-water pool, theatre room, outdoor fire pit, and the library.

Enjoy the Area

The property is such that you could not leave it once during your entire stay, and it would still be a memorable vacation. But another aspect of what makes it such a great place to visit is its amazing location. Located in the gorgeous area of Beverly Hills, you are close to countless attractions that people come from all over the world to see. Here, you are less than two miles from sunset strip, only five miles away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and only 10 miles from the Hollywood Bowl. As far as beaches go, you can pick from some of the most popular in the world like Venice Beach, which is only about 10 miles away.

Spending a day in this Beverly Hills Luxury Estate is sure to be one of the most luxurious experiences of your life. But it also promises to just be fun, as with most trips to Los Angeles. Check out this amazing estate and countless others from the Luxury Rental Group.