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Bucket List Activities in Los Angeles

We each get one life only—make the most of it by making time and money for the things you’ve always wanted to do. Go all-out with a bucket list vacation: come to Los Angeles and check a bunch of items off your bucket list with a vacation you’ll remember forever!

See the Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign has shown up in all sorts of media—it’s time to add your own photos to that list. Come to Los Angeles and see in person the 45-foot-tall letters. You can’t go up and see them personally (except from behind on certain trails), so choose a favorite local spot to see them. The Griffith Observatory is a popular spot. Or, for a double-dose of iconic-ness, take your picture from the Walk of Fame!

Enjoy a Dodger Dog and Dodger Stadium

While hot dogs and baseball have gone together for generations, only the Dodger Dog has managed to become the poster child for home-team patriotism. It has enjoyed a fifty-year run and has hit a record of 3 million eaten in the 2014 season. While the concessions at Dodger Stadium have certainly branched out since, the Dodger Dog remains the true LA baseball icon.

Go to a Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Generous donations from the Disney family and the vision of famous architect Frank Gehry combined to create this magnificent concert venue. If all concert halls blend together in your mind, then come to this one and discover what masterful acoustic engineering can accomplish. Sound reaches every seat immaculately. If you want a surprisingly intimate performance in a stunning building, this is one place you need to come!

Go Skydiving

While you’re checking all these off your bucket list, why not go skydiving too? Above LA Skydiving offers tandem dives as well as accelerated classes that’ll get you closer to diving solo. Or, try iFLY Hollywood, an indoor skydiving center that gives you the same feeling—minus the stomach-churning drop. Either way, the feeling of falling as if falling forever is an experience you should try at least once—you might like it more than you expected!

Get a Luxury Rental Home in Los Angeles

If you’ve never upgraded from a hotel to a fabulous rental home, this is the trip you need to try it. Once you’ve found yourself welcomed home in a new city with your own yard and kitchen, you’ll never settle for less. Call us today at 800-712-2800 and we’ll help you set up your trip of a lifetime.

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Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA!


Los Angeles is a competitive market, with its citizens constantly craving something new while looking for something to make a tradition out of. This means there’s always something new to experience here while restaurants in LA rise and fall. Be bold and try something new—going someplace new is always taking a chance, but these four will certainly be safe bets.

Cosa Buona

Echo Park is already a great place to meet up; why not get some delicious Italian while you’re there? Pizza, after all, is a great food for a group date—this assumes that everyone can agree on toppings of course, but Cosa Buona has plenty of crowd-pleasing options. While here, make sure to scrape up the money for appetizers too—stuffed meatballs and refreshing salads are what help Cosa Buona stand out from the other pizzerias.

HiHo Cheeseburger

HiHo isn’t exactly new—it was in Ojai at first—but it’s relocated to Santa Monica’s downtown, and foodies of the city are delighted. The burgers aren’t as fancy as Smash Burger, but they’re comparable in quality to In-N-Out, making them sure to please. The service is quick and the burgers are delicious. As an added bonus, they have some special twists on the typical burger joint that they do very well: their lime pie, their veggie burgers, and their onion jam are all even better than you think those things could be.

Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA!

A more upscale spot for those who love Italian, The Ponte recently came to Beverly Grove. Its ratings are strong, as people are consistently impressed by these Italian standbys. You’re paying for atmosphere too here, and you get what you pay for—the crowded restaurant in LA  enjoys lovely patio seating as well. If you’re looking for something new but not interested in the avant-garde style that entrances so much of Los Angeles, try The Ponte.


Another restaurants in LA  bold enough to open its doors on competitive Sunset Boulevard, Tsubaki takes the classic Japanese appreciation of a few simple ingredients and brings it to the California table. They tend more for authentic than many Japanese restaurants are comfortable doing, while still being perfectly palatable for Americans. Their food is good, but the real standout here is the sake bar—drink responsibly!

Living Luxuriously in Los Angeles

Going out on the town, trying new restaurants, and coming home to a stylish Los Angeles residence—that’s what living in luxury is all about. So live the high life and stay with a property from The Luxury Rental Group. Browse our listings or call us at 800-712-2800 to discover how your stay in LA can be the highlight of your year.

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Top Haunted Spots in Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is renowned as a modern city, but it has just as many spooks and thrills as a backwoods village built around a cemetery. If you’re looking for a place that can raise the hair on your neck, investigate some of these creepy spots.

“Suicide Bridge” Pasadena

A bridge that was once a part of the historical route 66, “Suicide Bridge” has rumors and tales dating all the way back from before it’s construction. The most notable was the tale of a worker who fell to his death off the side of the bridge into wet cement. According to the tale, they left him to die in there, permanently becoming a part of the bridge, and that his ghost urges those who wish to end it all to take their final steps over the ledge, plummeting to their deaths in a 150-foot free fall. It’s not too far-fetched; over 100 suicides have been reported on this bridge.

In 1993, the bridge was renovated—as a part of the renovation, and in an attempt to stop the deaths, they gated off the sides of the bridge, slowing the rampant death rates. Today, it’s a somber reminder of those who have perished—and as good a spot as any to feel the laments of restless spirits.

The Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle

Many strange events have happened on or near this plot of land, so much so that it has become one to avoid by the locals. Dubbed the “Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle” by the locales, it’s around this small, seemingly insignificant plot that notorious deaths and near-death experiences have happened. Howard Hughes crashed his plane here; Ronni Chasen, a popular hollywood publicist, was killed in a drive by shooting; and rock duo Jan and Dean were nearly killed in a fateful crash. Many more odd occurrences have filled this area with an odd feeling when standing nearby, and deemed it haunted by the locals. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a tragedy unfold, this is a good place to start—but be careful, for the tragedy could be yours!

Safety and Comfort Near the Sights Through Luxury Rental Group

Getting to see the haunting sights may be exhausting or scary, and there’s no better way to relax than through the highly recommended “Luxury Rental Group” when looking for a place to stay. Thankfully, through their large list of villas and estates, you can rest assured that you’ll never be far from the thrills you seek. Call today to book your vacation: 310-564-2800. Or, browse our properties and book online!

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Top End of Summer Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may offer more recreation opportunities than any other city in the entire world. Not only is it beautiful, it is also one of the most important cultural hotbeds of art, entertainment, and innovation. As such, a vacation to Los Angeles will always be met with an endless array of possibilities. Here are some things you need to do before the summer comes to an end in the City of Angels!

Beach Fishing

This is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to go fishing: with your toes in the sand right in front of the surf. It is enjoyable all year-long, but late summer is the best time to do it because all of Los Angeles’ most popular species are biting like crazy before leaving the area for winter. These include California halibut, corbina, multiple types of croaker, and countless more. You can also take advantage of public fishing piers and countless fishing charter companies.

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

This fun and delicious festival is taking place on September 22nd through the 24th right on the water in the beautiful town of Redondo Beach. The main event here, of course, is the fresh caught and delicious lobster dishes that are available. You can find amazing diversity in the preparation and add-ons available, but no variation in the quality of ingredients. Live music, kids’ activities, and much more pair nicely with the lobster.

The Best Time for Surfing

This is the season that offers the highest level of consistency both in quality weather and in quality swells. The summer is great for the ocean temperature and weather, but there are long spans when the swells are underwhelming. Winter brings great swells, but the water and outdoor temperature are both quite cold, and the weather can be very disagreeable. The end of summer is the perfect time to hit the waves, whether you are experienced or you are just trying to learn.

Catch a Baseball Game

In Los Angeles, there is not just one, but two Major League Baseball teams to pick from: The Dodgers and the Angels. The season is winding down, so the next few weeks present your final chances to catch a game. It is hard to find a better setting for America’s pastime than in beautiful Los Angeles.

While there are never any weather restrictions throughout the year in Los Angeles, different times of year still bring different opportunities for locals and visitors. Going on a trip to Los Angeles before this summer has officially passed will be one of your best decisions of the year!

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Five Reasons to Visit Los Angeles on Columbus Day Weekend

Visiting Los Angeles is always a good idea, and there isn’t any time of the year that is better than others, but at the very least you have a long weekend ahead, so why not spend it in one of our favorite places on Earth? For those of you with school age children, although many schools do not celebrate Columbus Day, specifically, they generally take that week as their fall break, so there goes that excuse for not making the trip! If we haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading for five more reasons you should be spending Columbus Day weekend in one of our Luxury Rental Group vacation homes; we will refuse to give in!

This May Be the Last Columbus Day in Los Angeles

Not to scare you or anything, but if Columbus Day has always been your special day of celebration, recent controversies over whether or not old Chris Columbus was that great of a guy have prompted the city to change the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day. The fight is continuing, as the option of LA Diversity Day has been presented as well, but if Columbus is your guy, you better start making plans soon!

Los Angeles Dragon Boat Festival, October 7th

Colorfully decorated boats, drums, and dragons make this fun festival a crowd pleaser, and if you are in the area of the Santa Fe Dam on October 7, please add this new experience to your vacation bucket list!

Joshua Tree Music Festival, October 5th Through 8th

The dress code is come as you are, the music is dance/electro funk and groove, and the people are a happy bunch, so why wouldn’t you want to spend a few days grooving to the sounds of over 30 bands? This biannual festival takes place at 2601 Joshua Tree Road and a 4-day pass is going for the unbelievably reasonable price of $170 per person!

Seek Your Peace at the Beach

We’re not bragging, but temperatures are beach worthy year-round in Tinseltown, and fall is our favorite time to frolic in the waves. Throw on a bikini, slip into your flip flops, and feed your soul with the music of the ocean; in many of our Luxury Group Rentals, the ocean is your backyard!

Just Stay Home

Our rental homes are amongst the most luxurious in the world. Why do you need a controversial holiday to force you to visit? Relax happily in your home away from home, enjoying fiery sunsets, luxury amenities, and a well-deserved break from the stresses of real life. Reserve yours today and live the good life this upcoming Columbus/Indigenous Peoples/LA Diversity Day!

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A Los Angeles vacation usually involves sun-filled days and exciting adventures and activities. Nothing pairs with a day in the sun quite as well as a refreshing ice cream cone. In fact, if you love tasty sweets, you might need to fulfill a craving or two during your stay. Here’s a look at some of our favorite sweet shops in the area.

Jack’s Wholesale Candy & Toy

The largest candy story in downtown Los Angeles, Jack’s Wholesale Candy & Toy sells a large variety of American and Mexican candies, chocolates, chips, snacks, novelty candy, and sodas. There’s even a bulk candy buffet for your enjoyment!

777 S Central Avenue
Los Angeles
(213) 622-9287

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan Lauren (yup, she’s the daughter of Ralph Lauren) owns this tasty designer sweet shop located in the Grove, next to the farmer’s market. You can get fresh by-the-pound treats, ranging from throwback favorites to modern day treats. Check out the Lucite Dylan’s Briefcase, filled with sweets!

6333 W 3rd St,
Los Angeles
(323) 930-1600


Sweet! offers a huge selection of candy, found throughout multiple rooms and special displays. This is truly a unique shop with themed rooms, including a spooky fudge room, a RuPaul room, and even an El Vira room. Don’t miss the chocolate lab, where guests can make their own chocolate bar—choose milk, white, or dark chocolate and fillings and ingredients to complete your creation! Fun and tasty!

6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 201
Los Angeles
(323) 462-3111


This favorite sweet shop has everything from handmade chocolates to traditional candy favorites. There’s also a large selection of dried fruits and nuts— even wines! What makes this place special is that there are also kosher selections and offerings for holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Purim.

8859 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles
(310) 777-0221

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz offers a huge selection of candies and sodas—even some hard to find choices. There’s even European and Asian candies—if you were looking for those Hello Kitty sweets, Rocket Fizz has them! This is truly the spot you want to go to if you want specialty sweets!

1067 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-4509

Sweeten Your Stay in LA

At Luxury Rental Group, we know how important finding your favorite sweets can be during your vacation. So in addition to providing the very best rental accommodations, our staff can also help you find fun things to do and see—just ask one of our friendly staff members!