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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium, the Capitol Records Building, Redondo Beach. These are just a few of the legendary attractions that everybody knows about in Los Angeles, but we’re willing to bet there’s a lot about the City of Angels that you didn’t know! Here are five things you may not know about Los Angeles:

Thomas Edison: The Father of Hollywood?

Well, not directly, but he did have a big hand in the reason for it. The great inventor Thomas Edison held hundreds of patents during his life, including patents over many of the technologies that were needed to create movies. In order to escape Edison and his Motion Picture Patent Company in New Jersey, many filmmakers “fled” to California where judges were less stringent on enforcing the patents and it was difficult for lawmakers to enforce the laws cross-country. Thus, Hollywood was born and became the premier location of the motion picture industry!

Beverly Hills Wasn’t Always a Destination of the Stars

Today Beverly Hills stands as an area of Los Angeles for the truly elite, but did you know this wasn’t always the case? In fact, in the late 19th century, Beverly Hills’ roots lied in the ground, as the land was used primarily for farming lima beans! It wasn’t until Thomas Edison forced the motion picture company to California that it begun its transformation into the glitz and glamour you see today.


The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable American landmarks in the entire world, but like most things in Los Angeles, its origins were quite different! In fact, the sign itself used to read Hollywoodland, as a way to advertise the name of a new segregated housing development in the Hollywood district in the early 1920’s. The sign was initially designed to only stand for approximately 18 months and so it quickly suffered damage and deteriorated, and it wasn’t until a campaign in the late 1970’s by none other than Hugh Hefner where the sign was rebuilt and became the iconic symbol it is today.

The Melting Pot of the West Coast

One of the greatest things about Los Angeles is that it is a true blend of cultures and people unlike anywhere else in the United States. Did you know that only 40% of the people who live in Los Angeles speak English as a primary language? The people of LA are diverse and speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and much more! It is truly the melting pot of the West Coast!

Los Angeles Wasn’t Always the Name

It’s not uncommon for cities to change their names in their history, but to say the original name of Los Angeles was a mouthful would be an understatement! The original name for Los Angeles was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles sobre El Río Porciúncula,” or The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the Portiuncula River; we think they made the right choice in shortening the name!

These are just a few of the things you may not have known about Los Angeles, and so we invite you to come stop by our city and learn even more about what makes it so incredible! And when you do, make sure to contact Luxury Rental Group. We can provide you with an amazing rental property here in the LA area that will truly make your next vacation unforgettable.

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5 Fun Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, but there are still a lot of things that many people don’t know about our little slice of paradise—a fact that is about to change! Interestingly enough, we’ve lived here our entire lives, and some of this stuff was new to us, so have a seat, pour yourself a drink, and prepare to be educated on some unique quirks special to the city of Los Angeles!

Everyone Loves a Souvenir from LA

You can purchase small gifts for your friends and family back home from the strangest places. For example? The LA Coroner’s Office has a gift shop! A gift from there could be the most unique one ever purchased!

Los Angeles is Just a Nickname

The original name of our fair city was quite a mouthful: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula was how LA was once known as. Imagine that fitting on your Expedia travel or bragging about all the good times you had in “the town of our lady queen of angels on the Porciuncula river!

Just Another Billboard?

The Hollywood Sign is an iconic tourist attraction, one that is most likely on your list of “things to do while in Los Angeles.” But did you know that it was originally built as an ad for a new real estate development? Constructed in 1923, it originally said Hollywoodland and used to have flashing lights. The last 4 letters were removed in 1949 and the sign itself was rebuilt in the 1970s after a fundraiser was held by Hugh Hefner for restoration funds.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an Architectural Wonder

The curves of the stainless-steel walls that comprise the exterior of the concert hall are known throughout the world, and the reflection of the city lights at night give this building a moving picture show appearance, but when it was first built, the reflection of the sun in the daytime soon became a hazard to drivers. In addition, sidewalk temperatures around the building often hit 140 degrees during the hottest day of summer! Today, the music heard inside is hot, and the outside remains cooler after the stainless steel was sanded down to reduce the glare.

Where the Stars Sleep Forever

Hollywood’s Forever Cemetery is the final resting place for many of Hollywood’s top celebrities and makes for an interesting afternoon of exploring—especially if you want to “meet the stars” without seeming like a stalker! Douglas Fairbanks, Judy Garland, and Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) are among the many stars who have made the Forever Cemetery their forever home. Maps are available at the flower store right inside the main gate.

Fun Facts About Luxury Rental Group

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