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Top End of Summer Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may offer more recreation opportunities than any other city in the entire world. Not only is it beautiful, it is also one of the most important cultural hotbeds of art, entertainment, and innovation. As such, a vacation to Los Angeles will always be met with an endless array of possibilities. Here are some things you need to do before the summer comes to an end in the City of Angels!

Beach Fishing

This is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to go fishing: with your toes in the sand right in front of the surf. It is enjoyable all year-long, but late summer is the best time to do it because all of Los Angeles’ most popular species are biting like crazy before leaving the area for winter. These include California halibut, corbina, multiple types of croaker, and countless more. You can also take advantage of public fishing piers and countless fishing charter companies.

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

This fun and delicious festival is taking place on September 22nd through the 24th right on the water in the beautiful town of Redondo Beach. The main event here, of course, is the fresh caught and delicious lobster dishes that are available. You can find amazing diversity in the preparation and add-ons available, but no variation in the quality of ingredients. Live music, kids’ activities, and much more pair nicely with the lobster.

The Best Time for Surfing

This is the season that offers the highest level of consistency both in quality weather and in quality swells. The summer is great for the ocean temperature and weather, but there are long spans when the swells are underwhelming. Winter brings great swells, but the water and outdoor temperature are both quite cold, and the weather can be very disagreeable. The end of summer is the perfect time to hit the waves, whether you are experienced or you are just trying to learn.

Catch a Baseball Game

In Los Angeles, there is not just one, but two Major League Baseball teams to pick from: The Dodgers and the Angels. The season is winding down, so the next few weeks present your final chances to catch a game. It is hard to find a better setting for America’s pastime than in beautiful Los Angeles.

While there are never any weather restrictions throughout the year in Los Angeles, different times of year still bring different opportunities for locals and visitors. Going on a trip to Los Angeles before this summer has officially passed will be one of your best decisions of the year!