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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A Los Angeles vacation usually involves sun-filled days and exciting adventures and activities. Nothing pairs with a day in the sun quite as well as a refreshing ice cream cone. In fact, if you love tasty sweets, you might need to fulfill a craving or two during your stay. Here’s a look at some of our favorite sweet shops in the area.

Jack’s Wholesale Candy & Toy

The largest candy story in downtown Los Angeles, Jack’s Wholesale Candy & Toy sells a large variety of American and Mexican candies, chocolates, chips, snacks, novelty candy, and sodas. There’s even a bulk candy buffet for your enjoyment!

777 S Central Avenue
Los Angeles
(213) 622-9287

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan Lauren (yup, she’s the daughter of Ralph Lauren) owns this tasty designer sweet shop located in the Grove, next to the farmer’s market. You can get fresh by-the-pound treats, ranging from throwback favorites to modern day treats. Check out the Lucite Dylan’s Briefcase, filled with sweets!

6333 W 3rd St,
Los Angeles
(323) 930-1600


Sweet! offers a huge selection of candy, found throughout multiple rooms and special displays. This is truly a unique shop with themed rooms, including a spooky fudge room, a RuPaul room, and even an El Vira room. Don’t miss the chocolate lab, where guests can make their own chocolate bar—choose milk, white, or dark chocolate and fillings and ingredients to complete your creation! Fun and tasty!

6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 201
Los Angeles
(323) 462-3111


This favorite sweet shop has everything from handmade chocolates to traditional candy favorites. There’s also a large selection of dried fruits and nuts— even wines! What makes this place special is that there are also kosher selections and offerings for holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Purim.

8859 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles
(310) 777-0221

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz offers a huge selection of candies and sodas—even some hard to find choices. There’s even European and Asian candies—if you were looking for those Hello Kitty sweets, Rocket Fizz has them! This is truly the spot you want to go to if you want specialty sweets!

1067 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-4509

Sweeten Your Stay in LA

At Luxury Rental Group, we know how important finding your favorite sweets can be during your vacation. So in addition to providing the very best rental accommodations, our staff can also help you find fun things to do and see—just ask one of our friendly staff members!