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Five Reasons to Visit Los Angeles on Columbus Day Weekend

Visiting Los Angeles is always a good idea, and there isn’t any time of the year that is better than others, but at the very least you have a long weekend ahead, so why not spend it in one of our favorite places on Earth? For those of you with school age children, although many schools do not celebrate Columbus Day, specifically, they generally take that week as their fall break, so there goes that excuse for not making the trip! If we haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading for five more reasons you should be spending Columbus Day weekend in one of our Luxury Rental Group vacation homes; we will refuse to give in!

This May Be the Last Columbus Day in Los Angeles

Not to scare you or anything, but if Columbus Day has always been your special day of celebration, recent controversies over whether or not old Chris Columbus was that great of a guy have prompted the city to change the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day. The fight is continuing, as the option of LA Diversity Day has been presented as well, but if Columbus is your guy, you better start making plans soon!

Los Angeles Dragon Boat Festival, October 7th

Colorfully decorated boats, drums, and dragons make this fun festival a crowd pleaser, and if you are in the area of the Santa Fe Dam on October 7, please add this new experience to your vacation bucket list!

Joshua Tree Music Festival, October 5th Through 8th

The dress code is come as you are, the music is dance/electro funk and groove, and the people are a happy bunch, so why wouldn’t you want to spend a few days grooving to the sounds of over 30 bands? This biannual festival takes place at 2601 Joshua Tree Road and a 4-day pass is going for the unbelievably reasonable price of $170 per person!

Seek Your Peace at the Beach

We’re not bragging, but temperatures are beach worthy year-round in Tinseltown, and fall is our favorite time to frolic in the waves. Throw on a bikini, slip into your flip flops, and feed your soul with the music of the ocean; in many of our Luxury Group Rentals, the ocean is your backyard!

Just Stay Home

Our rental homes are amongst the most luxurious in the world. Why do you need a controversial holiday to force you to visit? Relax happily in your home away from home, enjoying fiery sunsets, luxury amenities, and a well-deserved break from the stresses of real life. Reserve yours today and live the good life this upcoming Columbus/Indigenous Peoples/LA Diversity Day!