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Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA!


Los Angeles is a competitive market, with its citizens constantly craving something new while looking for something to make a tradition out of. This means there’s always something new to experience here while restaurants in LA rise and fall. Be bold and try something new—going someplace new is always taking a chance, but these four will certainly be safe bets.

Cosa Buona

Echo Park is already a great place to meet up; why not get some delicious Italian while you’re there? Pizza, after all, is a great food for a group date—this assumes that everyone can agree on toppings of course, but Cosa Buona has plenty of crowd-pleasing options. While here, make sure to scrape up the money for appetizers too—stuffed meatballs and refreshing salads are what help Cosa Buona stand out from the other pizzerias.

HiHo Cheeseburger

HiHo isn’t exactly new—it was in Ojai at first—but it’s relocated to Santa Monica’s downtown, and foodies of the city are delighted. The burgers aren’t as fancy as Smash Burger, but they’re comparable in quality to In-N-Out, making them sure to please. The service is quick and the burgers are delicious. As an added bonus, they have some special twists on the typical burger joint that they do very well: their lime pie, their veggie burgers, and their onion jam are all even better than you think those things could be.

Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA!

A more upscale spot for those who love Italian, The Ponte recently came to Beverly Grove. Its ratings are strong, as people are consistently impressed by these Italian standbys. You’re paying for atmosphere too here, and you get what you pay for—the crowded restaurant in LA  enjoys lovely patio seating as well. If you’re looking for something new but not interested in the avant-garde style that entrances so much of Los Angeles, try The Ponte.


Another restaurants in LA  bold enough to open its doors on competitive Sunset Boulevard, Tsubaki takes the classic Japanese appreciation of a few simple ingredients and brings it to the California table. They tend more for authentic than many Japanese restaurants are comfortable doing, while still being perfectly palatable for Americans. Their food is good, but the real standout here is the sake bar—drink responsibly!

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